Welcome To The Official Website For Kamuthi Sri Veera Makali Amman Temple & Kamuthi Sri Sudalai Madan Swamy Temple.

" We welcome you to our temple. " Kamuthi Sri Veera Makali Amman Temple; Kamuthi Sri Sudalai Madan Swamy Temple both are a non-profit, tax exempt religious organization run by Therkkathiyar Nadar Pangaligal Sangam(Reg.No:SRG/Ramanathapuram/141/2021). Both are dedicated to serve the religious and cultural needs of the Hindu community.

Temple Objectives :
✓ To provide a place of worship and meditation for the devotees.
✓ To provide facilities for Pujas, havans, marriage ceremonies and other religious sanskars.
✓ To arrange for the celebration of Hindu religious and cultural festivals.

Wedding Services :
If you are looking to have a traditional or non-traditional Wedding ceremony in Kamuthi, Sri Veera makali amman Temple has an ideal wedding venue at our temple or at our Wedding Hall. Call us for more information.

Hall Services :
Halls are available for; Family functions, Birthday celebration, Meetings, Get Togethers and Other Events.

"Masikalari Festival"
Every year in the tamil month of Masi, Kalari festival is celebrated in grand manner. It is called as 'Masikalari'. People from all over the places come here during this time. This is the festival for Goddess Sri Veera Makali Amman & God Sri Sudalai Madasamy. It is very famous and popular in Kamuthi area.

Masikalari Festival'2022:

Dear Friends,
Our site will be updated soon with news and events information of the upcoming Masikalari festival 2022. so stay tuned!

Thank you !!!


Dear Devotees,
As we all know, more number of devotees are being benefited through our temple and it is growing in a fast pace. At the same time, the temple board members are willing to share the golden opportunity for the devotees to serve to our deities through various ways. The Trust provides a unique opportunity to serve fellow devotees and participate devoutly in service aimed at the essence of fellowship. Volunteering can be done according to your availability and schedule.

With the divine grace of our lord Sudalai Madan, now the Temple construction work has started and it's going on successfully. The construction will continue for a couple of months, We request all of our devotees to join hands and finance for the successful completion of the temple and to have the blessings of our lord Sudalai Madan.

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We encourage you to contact us for more information. It is our endeavour to bring you all the information you require in a manner that appeals to you. We very much look forward to hear from you! To become a member just sign up with basic information and you are in. If you have something to say please send us a message or an email.

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Thank you All for visiting this site, Kindly recommend this site to your family and friends as well. May Our God Bless you always in life. On behalf of the Temple we wish you peace, good health and happiness for years to come.